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Fixed Signs: The 4 Zodiacs, Their Meaning and Personality

Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

What makes the zodiac signs that share an element different from one another? Why don’t a Scorpio and Cancer, both governed by water, act exactly alike? One reason is that they have different modalities.

A modality, or astrological sign quality, describes a sign’s relationship to change. Within the zodiac, the three defined modalities are fixed signs, mutable signs, and cardinal signs. The four fixed signs below share the gift of stabilizing energy:

What is a Fixed Sign?

You might relate the word “fixed” with something secure and unchanging. Fixed signs of the zodiac also possess these qualities. People with these Sun signs in their birth chart want to preserve and defend what they value.

Because a different element governs each sign with a fixed nature, that element’s principles influence the beliefs a fixed sign seeks to uphold. For instance, earthy Taurus focuses on conserving resources, while intellectual Aquarius stays true to philosophical ideals.

Personality Traits

Folks with fixed Sun signs in their horoscope behave consistently in different situations over time. Thus, other people generally perceive fixed signs as easy to know. Overall, these signs share the fixed quality traits of self-reliance, purpose, and persistence.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are all predictable, even in the ways that they’re unpredictable. But this doesn’t make them boring! Make no mistake: fixed signs are among the most alluring in the zodiac.


Earth sign Taurus naturally attracts abundance and pleasure. The earth element makes this sign gifted with managing the material world, including work, money, and leisure.

The ruling planet Venus enhances Taurus’ appreciation for comfort and relaxed vibes. At the same time, the Hierophant archetype of the Tarot represents this fixed sign’s drive to advocate for traditional values that stand the test of time.

When the earth influence is out of balance, you might notice overindulgence or stubbornness in your Taurus friends’ personalities. At its best, however, this sign is an attractive blend of loyalty, tenacity, and sensuality.


Proud fire sign Leo isn’t afraid to turn heads and make waves. Fire, in combination with a fixed modality, makes those born under this sign consistently confident, virtuous, and true to themselves.

The bright Sun itself rules Leo, emphasizing the sign’s drive to shine. The Tarot card Strength also reflects Leo’s ability to persevere by relying on authentic communication and natural gifts.

Arrogance and status-seeking behavior represent Leo’s shadow. But overall, Leos are initiators who gain genuine respect through their willingness to lead and share their well-earned laurels with everyone.


By exerting a high degree of self-control, water sign Scorpio inevitably achieves every personal transformation that they can visualize. Water in the fixed form of ice gives this sign depth, strength, and untold potential.

Themes of both the planet Pluto and the Tarot card Death are associated with Scorpio’s private and powerful personality. Emotional insight paired with mental endurance makes Scorpio a force like none other.

A Scorpio who lacks awareness might be anxious, leading to the tendency to try to manipulate their world. But these traits are merely occasional expressions of a fiercely loyal and almost supernaturally focused sign.


The atmospheric gas carbon dioxide was once called “fixed air.” And like carbon dioxide, you might say that the activist ideals of the fixed air sign Aquarius also support continued life on Earth.

The rebellious planet Uranus helps Aquarius challenge outdated traditions, and the Star Tarot card encourages this sign of the air element to lead others toward social change. When times are dark, an Aquarius often reveals the way forward.

Because Aquarius lives in the mind, this air sign’s attitudes can become extreme, even cultish. However, the Aquarian strengths of self-expression, optimism, and vision are always necessary ingredients of collective transformation.