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Year of the Rabbit: Chinese Zodiac Sign, Personality, Compatibility

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

Optimistic, compassionate, and quick are the best traits of the fourth animal sign of the Chinese Astrology zodiac, the Rabbit. They can enliven the humdrum of reality with their vivid imagination and sensitive nature. But Rabbits also have the tendency to become escapists, especially when they feel threatened, preferring the safety of their dream world over the demands of the real world.

Traditionally in Chinese culture, a person’s zodiac animal means a lot in terms of their personality, work, and love, as well as their luck in any given year. For example, if it’s your zodiac birth year (Ben Ming Nian), you could potentially offend Tai Sui, the Guardian God of the year. The same applies to your horoscope if your zodiac sign clashes with that of the current year.

Chinese Zodiac Years for Rabbit

On the lunar calendar, the lunar New Year (sometimes referred to as the Chinese New Year) usually falls in late January or early February. Otherwise, the zodiac years roughly correspond with the Gregorian year. The year of the Rabbit comes around once every 12 years, following the year of the Tiger. The years 2023 and 2035 are Rabbit years. 2023 is also the last Year of the Water Rabbit until 2083, based on the planet Jupiter’s sixty year rotation of the sun. See if you’re a Rabbit with the handy zodiac calculator.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Calculator

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Chart of Rabbit Years, Dates, and Elements

Rabbit Year

Start of the Lunar Year

End of the Lunar Year



February 2, 1927

January 22, 1928



February 19, 1939

February 8, 1940



February 6, 1951

January 26, 1952



January 25, 1963

February 12, 1964



February 11, 1975

January 30, 1976



January 29, 1987

February 16, 1988



February 16, 1999

February 4, 2000



February 3, 2011

January 22, 2012



January 22, 2023

February 9, 2024



February 8, 2035

January 27, 2036


Rabbit Zodiac: Personality and Traits

Rabbits are kind, elegant and artistic. At their best, they can grow into the ultimate social butterfly or diplomat, a friend and comfort to all. They are also one of the most imaginative of the 12 zodiacs, making them excellent artists—whether as a profession or simply as connoisseurs of the beauties of life.

Rabbits are imaginative, sensitive, and romantic, often feeling as if there should be more to life than what their eye perceives.

Rabbits usually have an uncanny memory and an eye for detail. When they find the mental fortitude to apply themselves, their memory can help Rabbits succeed in any career. In some ways, Rabbits are the Chinese zodiac animals that are made for success, because their natural elegance means they can move around in the best of circles without feeling ill at ease. In terms of yin yang, Rabbits are yin.

At their worst, however, Rabbits can become avoidant. Real work, relationships, and responsibility start to feel too weighty, and they may begin to retreat within their imagination to avoid decision-making. That natural inclination is precisely the opposite of what the Rabbit needs to thrive, however. Instead of withdrawing inwardly, Rabbits should try to create change in the outside world with the powers of their vivid imagination.

Male Rabbits

Male Rabbits are gentle and agile. They’re compassionate and empathic, which makes them popular. However, sometimes they can easily misinterpret things and become suspicious for no reason. As long as they feel secure—which may admittedly be a tall order for other signs—male Rabbits have the capacity to become the most loving romantic partner of the zodiacs.

Female Rabbits

Female Rabbits are pure. They may appear standoffish initially when it comes to love, but that’s only their defense mechanism at work. Once they feel genuinely appreciated by their romantic partner, female Rabbits can blossom and grow into their authentic being, one that is sensitive and agile and a pleasure to be around for everyone.

Rabbit and the Five Elements

The Chinese five-element theory classifies everything, including the zodiac signs, into five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. The Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign is governed by wood and associated with the earthly branch, but you can also be considered a Rabbit of five elements, with different traits, depending on the year of your birth. If you were born in 1987, for example, you’re a Fire Rabbit.





1951, 2011

Metal Rabbits are destined for a lifetime of hard work. But fear not, because the only trait that may prevent that work from paying ample dividends is the Metal Rabbit’s tendency to be overly sensitive. Once that’s under control, Metal Rabbits’ lifetime of work will be accompanied by a lifetime of success, wealth, and unlimited prestige.


1963, 2023

Water Rabbits are agile-minded and would make excellent strategists across various professional fields. However, Year of the Water Rabbits need to be aware of a baser side of their nature—one that may lead them to use less than honorable tactics in order to triumph over their opponents. If nothing else, this tendency may come back around later and harm their cause, so better safe than sorry, right?


1975, 2035

Wood Rabbits are sweet and gentle on the surface, but they’re actually the most tenacious and powerful among the Rabbits. Unlike the others, who may be satisfied with a simple and ordinary life, Wood Rabbits are rather goal-oriented and will work steadily towards something greater than what even they themselves thought was possible.


1927, 1987

Fire Rabbits are the most compassionate and lovable among the Rabbits. They’re well-liked, although they may be easily tempted by pleasure—romantic or otherwise—to the point that they forget there’s more to life than love. This is the biggest stumbling block in the Fire Rabbit’s path to self-development and must, under any condition, be overcome. Otherwise, the Fire Rabbit will look back on life feeling as if they haven’t accomplished anything concrete.


1939, 1999

Earth Rabbits are careful and conservative. They won’t break any rules, but they can be stubborn sometimes and become stunted in their growth. With good luck, Earth Rabbits will encounter a mentor in their life who will point out the error of their ways. Once they transcend this initial hurdle, however, Earth Rabbits can triumph over their own nature and succeed.

Lucky Things for Rabbits

Rabbits are governed by the element of wood; therefore, colors, numbers, directions, and timing that are associated with the wood element are lucky for them, while those associated with metal, which overcomes wood, are to be avoided at all cost. You can find a list of lucky and unlucky things for the Rabbit below.

Lucky Things

  • Lucky numbers: 0, 6, 2

  • Lucky colors: Green, Coffee

  • Lucky directions: East

  • Lucky flowers: Bamboo, Cyclamen

Things to Avoid

  • Unlucky numbers: 5, 9

  • Unlucky colors: Gold, Silver

  • Unlucky directions: West

  • Other unlucky items and things to avoid: Low ceilings, living in the woods

Compatibility: Best and Worst Matches for Rabbit

Each zodiac sign has its best and worst matches, according to complex calculations involving the five elements system and the characteristics of the signs.

Rabbits are gentle and prefer a quiet lifestyle, even though they can adapt to any environment. They dislike anything that’s too lively or active, including the person they choose to be their romantic partner.

Pig, Goat, and Dog are zodiac signs that share the Rabbit’s lifestyle preference. All these zodiacs like to create a private world in which both partners can feel safe and comfortable.

On the other hand, Rooster and Dragon seem to bring only contention to the Rabbit’s life. Instead of appreciating the Rabbit’s sensitive and imaginative nature, these zodiac signs find the Rabbit emotionally overwrought and without ambition.

Most Compatible: Pig, Goat, Dog

The best zodiac matches for the Rabbit are the Pig, the Goat, and the Dog. Unions between these zodiacs and the Rabbit are secure and comforting. Both partners will be able to draw energy from the partnership, giving them the strength to go forth into the real world.

There’s no one else like the Pig, who can give the Rabbit the sense of security they need. Both zodiacs tend to be laid-back, wanting comfort over luxury in their lifestyle. The Pig is the providing partner, while the Rabbit can decorate their nest—both literally and figuratively—with their imagination and sensitivity. With this complete, both the Pig and the Rabbit can venture out into the world without worry, knowing that their partner is behind them all the way.

Initially, both the Goat and the Rabbit may find each other too mild-mannered, wanting the other to take charge. But both will quickly grow to appreciate the way in which they’re similar and take comfort in their union. This is a partnership that will thrive over time, especially when both partners begin to carve out a niche for themselves at work.

As soon as they meet, the Rabbit and the Dog will feel as if they’ve known each other forever. It’s like they were made for each other. There isn’t anything these two can’t tell their partner because they know that the other will offer unconditional understanding, forgiveness, and support. One of the most romantic and emotionally rich matches, for sure!

Least Compatible: Rooster, Dragon

The Rooster and the Dragon clash with the Rabbit. These matches are more like mismatches in reality, with the Rabbit feeling inadequate and threatened, while their partner will grow bored and frustrated in no time—not exactly what either hopes to experience in a relationship.

The Rabbit doesn’t need much more than safety and comfort in life. They want someone who loves them and demonstrates that affection openly. The Rooster appears inscrutable to the Rabbit, making the latter feel insecure. Once that happens, there’s no way to bring back intimacy into the relationship.

The Dragon doesn’t think much of their Rabbit partner. They seem meek and indecisive. And while the Rabbit admires the Dragon’s can-do attitude, they find the Dragon far too domineering to live with in the long term.The Rabbit will, after an initial period of enduring, begin to fight back. The union will be filled with disagreement from that point on.

Best Jobs and Careers for Rabbit

Rabbits, without a doubt, make the best artists of all the zodiac animals. They are sensitive, imaginative, and agile-minded. They can also do well in business as translators and advisors because they’re observant and detail-oriented. You’ll also find Rabbits among critics of all kinds.

Anything that requires physical labor and endurance will befuddle the Rabbit. They neither have the patience nor the stamina to carry out the necessary tasks. They also tend to be indecisive and easily stressed, so careers like firefighting, military, or law enforcement will truly depress these gentle creatures.

Although the Rabbit is naturally creative, success in the arts requires them to overcome their natural flightiness and commit to their art. It’s where the Rabbits’ key growth lie. At the same time, they need not limit their creativity to fine arts alone, as many could find success in craftsmanship, culinary, and, these days, as stylish social media influencers!

Health and Lifestyle Advice

The Rabbits often feel threatened, which could prove very taxing for their emotional and psychological well-being. Instead of waiting for their partner to protect them, as many immature Rabbits may be inclined, the Rabbits are advised to find their own sense of security and grow into their own protectors instead.

Naturally risk-aversive, the Rabbit will save instead of invest. They won’t overspend either but risk losing money in real estate if their need for safe haven grows to unrealistic proportions. One nest is probably enough, Rabbit, and is it really necessary to buy all organic, locally sourced groceries to ease your health concerns?

Rabbit and the 12 Zodiac Animals (Origin Story)

There’re many more animals under the heavens, so the Chinese have come up with a story that explains how these animals, in this order, were included among the zodiac signs. The little Rabbit, with its agility and quick thinking, beat out many other animals to become the fourth zodiac animal. How did it manage that rather impressive feat?

The Jade Emperor, who, according to Chinese mythology, governs the heavens, ordered all the animals to compete for a spot on the list of zodiac signs by racing across the celestial river. The Rabbit knew that even though it was fast, it didn’t stand a chance against animals like the Horse and wily ones like the Monkey.

Quickly gauging the situation and understanding its own agile advantage, the Rabbit decided to wait for everyone else to get into the river and then hopped from the back of one animal to the next until it reached the finish line and achieved fourth place in the pecking order!

Famous People Born in the Year of the Rabbit

The Rabbit is sensitive and agile. Their elegance is often admired, and their witty nature will often propel them to fame and fortune. Here’s a list of famous Rabbits.

  • Sia

  • Lionel Messi

  • Johnny Depp

  • Blake Lively

  • Angelina Jolie

  • Michelle Obama

  • Kate Winslet

  • Albert Einstein

  • David Beckham

  • Tiger Woods

  • Brad Pitt

  • Michael Jordan