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Year of the Snake: Chinese Zodiac Sign, Personality, Compatibility

Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

The sixth Chinese zodiac animal sign, the Snake, is also known as “Little Dragon” in China. Snakes are usually calm, collected, and, at times, standoffish. But once they get to know someone, they have the sort of deadpan humor where everyone else will be roaring on the floor with laughter while the Snake looks impassively on, with a smirk on their lips!

Zodiac animals are important indicators of a person’s character, romantic interests, and luck in China. For example, a traditional matchmaker will check if a couple’s zodiac signs form an auspicious union. It also affects your current luck because if it’s your zodiac birth year (Ben Ming Nian), your Snake horoscope indicates that you risk offending Tai Sui, the Guardian God of the year.

Chinese Zodiac Years for Snake

China used the lunar calendar, which is why the zodiac system corresponds to that calendar. Roughly speaking, each zodiac’s year starts in late January and occurs once at the end of each 12-year cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar, around the time of the Chinese New Year. The last Snake year was 2013, and the next will be 2025. Our Chinese zodiac calculator will give you a precise answer as to what your zodiac sign is.

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Chart of Snake Years, Dates, and Elements

Snake Year

Start of the Lunar Year

End of the Lunar Year



February 10, 1929

January 29, 1930



January 27, 1941

February 14, 1942



February 14, 1953

February 2, 1954



February 2, 1965

January 20, 1966



February 18, 1977

February 6, 1978



February 6, 1989

January 26, 1990



January 24, 2001

February 11, 2002



February 10, 2013

January 30, 2014



January 29, 2025

February 16, 2026



February 15, 2037

February 3, 2038


Snake Zodiac: Personality and Traits

Snake people are independent. They often keep their assessment of situations and people inside, along with their myriad of secrets. They may come off as sedate or even sluggish under normal circumstances, but they’re capable of making decisive and timely choices when things come down to the wire, all without breaking a sweat. In terms of yin yang, Snakes are yin.

Snakes are moral, calm, and learned; they can be secretive and suspicious while, at the same time, capable of taking decisive action.

Everyone could use the Snake on their team because their quiet demeanor conceals a sharp intellect that thrives at analyzing complex situations. This stems from the Snake’s need to protect themselves and those they love. Although some may be suspicious of the Snake’s intent at first, most will learn to appreciate their unique talents soon enough.

The Snake is also romantic and mysterious, making them popular in love. Their intuitive nature and intelligence, however, mean that the Snake will want a special someone instead of exerting their mythical charm on everyone. They also rarely lose their temper, which is a sweet perk of being the Snake’s partner!

Male Snakes

Male Snakes are logical and cautious. They treat work with care and can be counted on to stay until four a.m. to make sure the presentation is ready. Snake men can also be counted on in love because, to the Snake, love with the right person possesses a level of sanctity that cannot be broken.

Female Snakes

​​Some of the most beautiful women are Snakes. Their cool demeanor only magnifies their charm. They’re also elegant, artistic, and confident. However, Female Snakes rarely rely on their looks and instead pride themselves on their knowledge and intellect. In love, they choose based on how they feel, not the other person’s status or social standing.

Snake and the Five Elements

The Chinese five-element theory classifies everything, including the zodiac signs, into five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Snake is governed by fire, but you can also be considered a Snake of five elements, with different traits, depending on the year of your birth. If you were born in 1989, for example, you’re an Earth Snake.





1941, 2001

Metal Snakes are the royalties of the Snake tribe. They are born with power and elegance. That may lead to a haughty attitude, which ends up working against them at work, even though they more than pull their own weight. As Metal Snakes are naturally impressive, they’re advised to use that to their greatest advantage in life.


1953, 2013

Water Snakes are emotional and capricious and may be tempted to leave school young and strike out on their own. That’s not the worst idea, as Water Snakes are natural businessmen if, sometimes, they are too much of a risk-taker. They also seem to have no shortage of romantic interests, as they can be magnetic even when they’re wearing an old outfit from the consignment store.


1965, 2025

Wood Snakes are orderly and very creative. They may run into professional difficulties but will find encouragement from a trusted mentor until they can stand on their own two feet. Wood Snakes value time above all and won’t fritter even half an hour away. So if they want to spend an afternoon with a special someone, that may well be a sign that they’re in love!


1977, 2037

Fire Snakes are the most observant of the Snakes. They notice everything and seem to be everywhere all at once. They’re born performers and orators, which is good because they adore the spotlight. In love, Fire Snakes are sensitive and changeable, although more often than not, that ends up hurting themselves rather than anyone else.


1929, 1989

Earth Snakes are loyal until someone proves unworthy of their loyalty. Social life is important to the Earth Snake, so they won’t allow anyone less than honorable within their inner circle. Earth Snakes are possessive in love, which may rub their partner the wrong way until they grow up and understand the idea of giving space.

Lucky Things for Snakes

In Chinese astrology, Snakes are governed by the element of fire. Therefore colors, numbers, directions, and timing that are associated with the fire element indicate good luck for them, while those associated with water are riskier for Snakes. You can find a list of lucky and unlucky things for the Snake below.

Lucky Things

  • Lucky numbers: 2, 7

  • Lucky colors: Orange, Silver, Light Yellow

  • Lucky directions: Southeast

  • Lucky flowers: Camelia, Orchid

Things to Avoid

  • Unlucky numbers: 1, 6

  • Unlucky colors: Green, Blue

  • Unlucky directions: Northwest

  • Other unlucky items or things to be avoided: Too much sun exposure, binging on carbs

Compatibility: Best and Worst Matches for Snake

Each zodiac sign has its best and worst matches, according to complex calculations involving the five elements system and the characteristics of the signs.

Snakes are attractive, and not just in appearance, either. Their mysterious aura intrigues and draws others in. However, Snakes are loyal lovers who want to treat their chosen one with patience and care and expect the same in return.

As far as love compatibility, The Rooster, the Ox, and the Monkey make the best matches for the Snake because their personalities complement the Snake’s, creating balanced partnerships that will remain steady for years to come.

The Pig, the Tiger, and the Rat are less than ideal matches for the Snake. These signs set the Snake off in the worst ways, while both partners will feel stifled.

Most Compatible: Rooster, Ox, Monkey

The best zodiac matches for the Snake are the Rooster, the Ox, and the Monkey. These partners respect the Snake’s intellect—a dealbreaker for the Snake—while finding their elegance and mystery very attractive.

The Rooster and the Snake will become best pals first, filling each other in on everything that has taken place in their lives before they met. This is highly unusual for the usually circumspect Snake, and that’s how you know it’s a match made in heaven! Friendship does not fade even when romance sneaks in, only providing a rock-solid foundation for this ever-deepening connection.

It's true that the Ox and the Snake appear diametrically opposite, but for some reason, both arrive at the same analysis and conclusion frequently. In this way, these partners will work their individual magic to contribute to their shared goals, making both wish they had met earlier.

The Monkey and the Snake will have to try hard not to create wealth together because this partnership is golden in every way. The Monkey is proactive and enthusiastic, while the Snake is cool and collected. The Monkey opens the Snake up to the beauty of the world, while the Snake teaches the Monkey not to spill all their beans. They will both learn a lot.

Least Compatible: Pig, Tiger, Rat

Snakes may come across as frigid, dark, and envious to zodiac signs that don’t see eye to eye with them, but that’s only because not everyone knows how to solve the puzzle that is the Snake. This doesn’t bother the Snake—unless it’s their romantic partner. No one wants to deal with the conflict and strife wrong matches bring to a relationship, least of all the Snake.

Both the Pig and the Snake are introverts. Instead of banding together to enjoy some quiet time, however, these signs bring out the worst in each other. Different takes on the world will lead to conflicts, which are then invariably left unsolved because they can’t communicate with each other. This isn’t the right match for either.

The Tiger is brash, and that brings out the same competitive streak in the Snake. They’re constantly trying to one-up each other. But in a partnership, you want to work with your partner, not against them, right? These signs are just too different, even down to little things, such as food preferences and hobbies, to make it work.

The Rat isn’t usually the dominant partner in a relationship, but they will try to be with the Snake. The Snake hates being told what to do and will silently work to undermine their partner in a bid to protect themselves and regain their psychological freedom.

Best Jobs and Careers for Snake

​​Snakes are glamorous and beautiful, so the entertainment business has no shortage of Snakes. This sign also has a keen eye for designs and trends, so fashion design or owning a boutique shop are good career choices. They excel at analysis as well, so the Snake will thrive in careers such as consulting, psychotherapy, and academia.

The Snake, no matter their station in life, knows how to use their mysterious persona to their advantage. It can be argued that’s the very definition of celebrity. Unsurprisingly, many actors, singers, public speakers, and politicians were born in the years of the Snake. Their perfect self-possession is the only calling card they need for success.

The Snake is not all looks. They may hang back in many situations until they understand what’s happening exactly, but then the Snake will deliver their verdict. And you can be sure that they won’t mince words. Their independent thinking will carry them far in intellectual paths where their exterior will still be used to gain others’ trust and respect.

Health and Lifestyle Advice

Snakes keep everything to themselves, which can lead to emotional breakdowns or mental illness. Many Snakes are lifelong insomniacs as well, and later in life, the accumulation of such unhealthy habits could land the Snake in the hospital if they’re not careful.

Thankfully, Snakes most likely won’t ever need to worry about money. The funds required to maintain their trendy looks and elegant lifestyle will come to them easily, only to be spent right away. However, stay away from gambling, lotteries, or any kind of risky investment because the drain will prove too much for your income.

Snake and the 12 Zodiac Animals (Origin Story)

Chinese culture, like all ancient civilizations, is rich in lore and legend. There’s a story that describes the origin of the 12 zodiac signs. The Snake is the sixth animal on the list of zodiac signs, following hot on the heels of the Dragon and ranking higher than six other animals. Impressive, isn’t it?

This story describes a celestial race across the heavenly river, which the Jade Emperor decreed would determine the order of the zodiac signs. The Snake swam underwater as quickly as it could in silence, and all the other animals forgot that it was there.

The Dragon was thundering overhead, and the hooves of the Horse and the Goat were beating down on it from behind, but the Snake focused on the task at hand as it slithered out of the water and across the finish line, taking everyone by surprise.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Snake

Elegant and glamorous, the Snake is born to be admired. So it’s not surprising that many famous people are Snakes. Here’s a list of famous Snakes.

  • Taylor Swift

  •  Daniel Ratcliffe

  •  Billie Eilish

  • John F. Kennedy

  • Muhammad Ali

  • Oprah Winfrey

  • Bob Dylan

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Audrey Hepburn

  • Ben Stiller

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