Meet the team behind the text. Astrologers, mystics, numerologists—you name it, they’re all here. We’ve assembled an intrepid band of expert writers and practitioners in the mystic arts to bring you top-notch content across the domains of astrology, numerology, tarot and more.

List of Contributors

  • Ersa Fay

    Ersa Fay is a writer, tarot reader, dancer, and budding herbalist. In all practices, Ersa believes that the traditions of astrology can serve as foundations for self-awareness and interpersonal curiosity.

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  • Marisa Yakutis

    Marisa Yakutis, a.k.a. “Mystic Mars” is a writer and expert in divination, holistic wellness, numerology, and astrology with a passion to inform and inspire through the mystic arts.

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  • Natalie Labriola

    Natalie Labriola is a visual artist, astrologer and tarot reader in Los Angeles, CA. She created Talis in 2017 inspired by her study of the occult, apotropaic magic, and astrology.

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  • Raphael Wilson

    Raphael is an astrologer, writer, and visionary artist. With over a decade of experience reading charts, she can’t imagine her life without looking to the stars for guidance.

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  • Sophie Song

    Sophie Song is a Chinese-American writer, editor, and translator. She writes literary fiction, translates novels, and reports on subjects that span Asia and America.

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