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Eleventh House: the House of Friendship (Meaning and Astrology)

Eleventh House in Astrology

The 11th house represents our larger social life and professional networks, friends and alliances, and the groups of people who share common interests, ideals, and aspirations. The 11th house can describe what kinds of people we’re drawn to socialize with, how we desire to engage with the larger world, and the ways that others support our sense of self and help us to achieve our ambitions.

The 11th house is one of four succedent houses (2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th), houses that follow angular houses and can be understood as supporting the concerns of the house it follows. The 11th house, as the house of friendship and alliances, follows the 10th house of vocation, suggesting that the 11th represents those who can support us in achieving our professional goals and dreams.

Key Concepts

In traditional astrology, the Sun has its “joy” (meaning that it functions especially well) in the 11th house. Since the Sun rules our identity and our sense of self, it is well balanced in the 11th house of friends and allies, where the individual’s sense of purpose is inextricably connected to one’s sense of belonging to a larger group.

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What Does the 11th House Rule?

The 11th house represents the world of friends, alliances, and colleagues with whom we share common interests, ideals, and goals. It symbolizes the larger social sphere where we can find a sense of belonging, connection, and support through building partnerships with others.

Social Networks

In a birth chart horoscope, the 11th house can describe our relationship to the friends and networks that make up our larger social world and to group dynamics generally. The zodiac sign on the 11th house and any planets there can describe our style of relating to the larger world and the kinds of social activities we’re drawn to.

Professional Networks

The 11th house can describe the professional networks and relationships that support our career ambitions and ideals. This house represents the people who share common professional interests and goals and the ways that these relationships can be mutually supportive and beneficial.


The 11th house can describe our aspirations, goals, ambitions, and desires for the future. Planets here can represent the ways we seek to connect with others through our work in the world and the archetypal themes which compel us to work toward achievement and a greater sense of purpose.

Transits in the Eleventh House

Transits to the 11th house can impact one’s professional or social affiliations, one’s group of friends, or the support that one receives from the larger world. Transits here can highlight any challenges with group dynamics, shifting alliances, or evolving professional ambitions.

Depending on the planet involved, transits here can either be experienced as an expansion of one’s social or professional networks through making new connections and receiving new opportunities or else as challenges with group dynamics and shifting relationships with friends.

Planets in the Eleventh House

Sun: Those with the Sun in the 11th house often feel most at home when situated within the context of a larger network of friends or cultural groups. The individual identity is shaped and supported by one’s larger social context, and the desire to align with one’s peers for personal or professional advancement can be a guiding force throughout many areas of life.

Moon: The Moon in the 11th house suggests that one’s emotional sense of security and contentment is derived in part from one’s social connections and the feeling of being part of a larger ecosystem of support. There can be a strong emotional need to connect to groups of people who share similar cultural or intellectual interests and a desire to catalyze positive change around them.

Mercury: Mercury in the 11th house suggests a talent for developing compatibility and connecting to groups of people. There may be a strong desire to connect with social groups and networks who share similar ideas and interests and an ability to move between many different groups of people with ease and adaptability.

Venus: Venus in the 11th house can indicate a highly social nature and the ability to connect with like-minded groups of friends and professional networks with ease. Friends and acquaintances can be the conduit for personal and professional success, new opportunities, and connections.

Mars: Mars in the 11th house suggests a strong drive to connect with friends and professional networks who share common goals and desires and the ability to mobilize groups of people with one’s passion and energy. At times, there may be challenges around finding one’s place within a group, as the desire to take charge and be competitive can be met with resistance or produce conflicts with others.

Jupiter: Jupiter in the 11th house can indicate that one’s success and expansion come through one’s friends or the larger social/professional networks that one is a part of. These groups can also facilitate personal or spiritual expansion with a desire to broaden one’s mind and horizons through learning from and connecting with others.

Saturn: Saturn in the 11th may pose challenges around connecting with others, especially larger social networks or groups. These difficulties may be more pronounced early on as experiences of rejection and pressure make it difficult to find one’s place socially. Saturn here can also give the stamina necessary to overcome obstacles, work diligently towards long-term goals, and align with social groups over time.

Uranus: Those with Uranus in the 11th house desire to connect with others over unconventional or unique interests and ideas, but the strong need for freedom and individuality may, at times, place you at odds with the interests of the group. Groups connected to social ideals, visions of the future, and technology can be of particular interest.

Neptune: Neptune in the 11th house suggests a sensitivity to and empathy for the plights of others. There may be an interest in humanitarian or social work, but the desire to give support and help to others may, at times, work against one’s own needs or boundaries. There may also be a draw toward artistic, spiritual, and inspirational groups or people.

Pluto: Pluto in the 11th house can signify that one has a powerful drive to find one’s place within larger social groups, a strong desire to belong to a group, and the presence of powerful or transformative friends and allies. Power struggles within group dynamics or experiences of rejection or betrayal within groups can be catalysts for personal healing and growth.