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Tenth House: the House of Social Status (Meaning and Astrology)

Tenth House in Astrology

The 10th house represents one’s public-facing self, one’s role within society, and one’s career or vocation (which may be different from one’s 6th house employment or 2nd house income). The 10th house symbolizes that which we feel called to do, whether or not it intersects with earning a living. This can include anything from being a parent, to one’s humanitarian or service-oriented work, to one’s profession.

The 10th house is also known as the house of social status or house of career. It corresponds to the moment of high noon and symbolically to the part of life which is the most visible. This part of the chart speaks to what one is known for among their broader community. It sits opposite the 4th house of family and, as such, represents what grows from one’s roots or foundations.

The 10th is one of four angular astrological houses (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th), which mark the four angles of the chart and represent foundational themes and areas of life. The 10th house cusp is called the MC, which is short for Midheaven and is highly sensitive to transits and ruling planets placed there.

Key Concepts

  • List of 5 keywords:

    • Career/Vocation

    • Aspirations

    • Life achievements

    • Reputation

    • Authority figures

What Does the 10th House Rule?

The 10th house rules our public and professional roles and describes the way we are seen (or aspire to be seen) within our larger community or field of work. The zodiac sign on the 10th house, as well as any planets there, can describe the qualities of the work we’re drawn toward and the archetypal themes that shape our vocational paths in the world.


In a horoscope birth chart, the 10th house describes our vocation, that which we feel called to do on a soul level. The sign on the 10th house describes the qualities we seek to embody through our work, the kinds of work that might satisfy us on a deep level, as well as the gifts and challenges associated with our larger calling.

Life Achievements

Natal chart planets and transits in the 10th house can describe achievements within our work or our life more broadly and the milestones that accompany major life changes, such as getting married, becoming a parent, or accomplishments within one's work. Promotions, public recognition, and career shifts can all be seen here.

Authority Figures

Traditionally, the ruler of the 10th house was thought to describe one’s mother, but it can speak to one’s relationship with either parent.  More broadly, this house can speak to authority figures such as bosses at work or the way that one assumes a position of leadership or becomes a parent themselves.

Transits in the Tenth House

Transits to the 10th house can coincide with major shifts in one’s public and professional work or with one’s reputation more broadly. These transits can initiate changes to one’s position at work, career path, or one’s relationship to authority or parenthood.

Depending on the planet involved, these transits can either be felt as an expansion of one’s career through promotions, achievements, or public recognition or else as an influence that challenges, delays, or re-routes one’s progress. Planets transiting the 10th house (especially slower-moving planets such as Jupiter and Saturn) can represent times of major culmination in one’s professional life.

Planets in the Tenth House

Sun: With the Sun in the 10th house, one is driven to seek purpose through one’s work and vocation, with a strong desire for achievement, recognition, and a positive public image. One may be drawn to assuming positions of leadership or visibility within their work.

Moon: The Moon in the 10th house can symbolize that one feels drawn toward work that involves interfacing with the public or involves qualities such as nurturing, tending, and relating to others.  One’s emotional satisfaction may be intimately tied to their professional success and recognition.

Mercury: Mercury in the 10th house suggests that one’s work involves communication, intellectual pursuits, commerce, or the exchange of goods and services. It can impart a talent for speaking, writing, translating information, teaching, politics, or public relations.

Venus: Those with Venus in the 10th house can mobilize their talent for establishing social rapport and partnerships within their career. Their natural sense of charm, diplomacy, and social grace can support them in any profession, but fields involving the arts, beauty, or justice may be highlighted as part of the career path.

Mars: Mars in the 10th house suggests a strong drive, ambition, and motivation for achievement within the realm of career. Those with Mars here can draw on great reserves of energy, stamina, and determination to accomplish their goals. It can also speak to challenging relationships with parents or authority figures.

Jupiter: Jupiter in the 10th house can represent a great deal of ambition to succeed in one’s career and the potential for blessings and success to come through one’s hard work. It can incline one toward fields involving education, spirituality, travel, becoming an entrepreneur, or the law and the capacity for great leadership.

Saturn: Saturn in the 10th house can impart a sense of discipline and determination to achieve professional success through a slow and steady ascent in one’s field. Saturn here compels one to work diligently through obstacles and setbacks and drives the persistence to work through hierarchies toward a position of leadership.

Uranus: Uranus in the 10th house can represent the desire to forge an unconventional career path and attain success through original and innovative means. There can be strong clashes with authority figures or traditional institutions, and the career path may be characterized by many surprising changes or unexpected events.

Neptune: Neptune in the 10th house can compel one toward a career involving the arts, film, spiritual pursuits, healing, or helping professions. One may magnetize public recognition by virtue of Neptune’s ability to cast glamor and invite projections from others. At times, it can create confusion around the professional path and the desire to escape the duties and obligations of work.

Pluto: Pluto in the 10th house suggests a powerful public persona characterized by intense ambition, drive, and the desire for worldly success and influence. There may be major upheavals and transformations within and through one’s career, marked by power struggles with authority figures and the need to develop a healthy relationship to one’s own sense of authority.