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Destiny Number: Calculator and Numerology (Expression)

Destiny Number Numerology

Numerology is an ancient divination system that gives us insight into our personalities, motivations, and deepest desires. The date of your birth is important in the eyes of this mystic art, but equally important is “name numerology,” which takes into account the name that you were given at birth and its specific numerological vibration.

What Is a Destiny Number?

Each letter in your name represents a different number, and when added together, these digits culminate into one final sum called the Destiny number (or Expression number). While your Life Path number, derived from your date of birth, gives you an idea of where you’re going and how to get there, the Destiny number offers a cumulative view of your energetic makeup.

The Destiny number represents the initial self that people come into contact with when interacting with you—your very essence, so to speak, where you lay out all of your proverbial cards. Becoming in touch with this digit (or digits, in the case of the “master numbers”) helps you to understand the total of what you’re working with in this lifetime, the positives and negatives of your entire being.

Name numerology offers us a useful blueprint for inner discovery. In addition to the Destiny number, we have the Soul Urge number, which reflects our inner truth and motivations, and the Personality number, which holds our inner dreams and desires. The Soul Urge and Personality numbers are added together to arrive at the Destiny number, so it can be said that this final name number reflects the true, authentic self, marrying the inner and outer worlds to reveal life’s purpose.

How to Calculate Your Destiny Number

Numerologists state that to calculate the Destiny number, you must add together each letter found in the full birth name (the name on your birth certificate). To make things more precise, add the first, middle (if any), and last names separately. Then, add them all together and reduce them to one single-digit number (unless you encounter a master number—11, 22, or 33—as described later).




A, J, S


B, T, K (this letter also holds the value of 11)


C, L, U


D, M, V (this letter also holds the value of 22)


E, N, W


F, O, X


G, P, Y


H, Q, Z


I, R

Using a well-known name and personality to illustrate the mechanics of name numerology numbers, we turn to Albert Einstein. Here’s how his name can be broken down and calculated:

  • A = 1

  • L = 3

  • B = 2

  • E = 5

  • R = 9

  • T = 2

So, for the first name, we get a sum of 22. Since this is a master number, we do NOT reduce it further.

Since Einstein had no middle name, we go to the last name:

  • E = 5

  • I = 9

  • N = 5

  • S = 1

  • T = 2

  • E = 5

  • I = 9

  • N = 5

Adding the numbers of the last name together, we get 41, which equals 5 (since 4 + 1 = 5). We then add the first name’s sum, 22, to the last name’s sum, 5, which equals 27. Adding the 2 and the 7 together, we arrive at Destiny number 9.

Master Numbers: 11, 22, 33

As noted in Albert Einstein’s name, master numbers should not be reduced during calculation. These numbers are double digits that include 11, 22, and 33 and are considered rare and sacred. They not only express the energy of the sequential digit that composes them but also the sum of those digits. For instance, 22 vibrates at a frequency that matches 2 and 4 (as 2 + 2 = 4).

Destiny Number Meanings

After calculating your full name and arriving at a specific digit or master number, you’re likely to find that a world of insight has suddenly become available to you. The Destiny number, in particular, is useful to integrate in instances where you may be feeling out of touch with yourself and crave a deeper connection to the authentic self.

Destiny Number 1

Destiny number 1 individuals are here to make active change through their leadership abilities.

  • Leadership: Those born with Destiny number 1 are likely to be strong leaders. They may find themselves placed in the role of leader in various situations.

  • Ambition: These individuals are often highly ambitious. Considering the placement of the 1 in the numerological cycle, it’s easy to understand their need to venture out.

  • Creativity: Another key trait of the Destiny number 1 individual is creativity. More often than not, these people can easily make something out of nothing.

Destiny Number 2

Those born with Destiny number 2 thrive in partnerships and are deeply influenced by their emotions.

  • Cooperation: Destiny number 2 individuals are highly cooperative, often longing to collaborate with others. They thrive in supportive environments.

  • Partnerships: Partnerships come easily to these people, and marriage or long-term living arrangements are strived for. When single, they’re always in search of their “better half.”

  • Emotions: Those born with this number are often highly in touch with their emotions, sometimes leading others to believe that they are very sensitive. However, this should be seen and embraced as a strength, not a weakness.

Destiny Number 3

Destiny number 3 individuals are colorful, highly expressive movers and shakers.

  • Outgoing: Those born with Destiny number 3 in their numerology chart are outgoing beyond belief. They thrive in social situations and are often considered to be the life of the party.

  • Expressive: Rarely shy, these individuals are known to be very expressive, often wearing their hearts on their sleeves. What you see is what you get, as they hold no secrets.

  • Amiable: Due to their amiable nature, most people are drawn to Destiny number 3 individuals. Their happy-go-lucky attitude inspires positivity in others.

Destiny Number 4

People born with Destiny number 4 keep their noses to the grindstone and deliver exceptional work.

  • Worker: Destiny number 4 individuals value work above all else, making them highly productive and hardworking employees or entrepreneurs. They’re the types to stay in the office long after everyone else has left, making sure all of the “t”s are crossed and the “i”s are dotted.

  • Grounded: Never the type to be silly or frivolous, these people are grounded and realistic. They’d rather get to work on a goal and take action on it than simply daydream about it.

  • Serious: Due to the aforementioned groundedness, Destiny number 4 people often come across as stoic or serious, laser-focused on the task at hand. This isn’t because they’re stern, necessarily; rather, they don’t waste time on anything that they consider trivial (including flighty emotions).

Destiny Number 5

A rolling stone gathers no moss, as the saying goes, and neither do those born under Destiny number 5.

  • Free spirit: Destiny number 5 individuals are the “free spirits” of the numbers. They value their freedom and will do anything it takes to protect it.

  • Traveler: These people dislike staying in one spot, making them most likely to do a fair amount of traveling in their lives. They want to see it all, do it all, and experience everything that a person’s life has to offer.

  • Knowledgeable: Because their fingers are always in more than one pie, Destiny number 5 individuals are often knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” comes to mind when considering this Destiny number.

Destiny Number 6

Destiny number 6 individuals are the people to go to for impartial advice, as they are natural peacemakers.

  • Responsible: Domestic responsibility is the name of the game for Destiny number 6 individuals. They often love tending to home and hearth and greatly enjoy spending time tending to their loved ones.

  • Understanding: Understanding beyond belief, these are the people to go to when you need a kind ear and a compassionate heart. Their caring and non-judgmental nature make them the perfect sounding board.

  • Stable: These individuals crave stability and are quite effective in the role of peacemaker. Harmony is of utmost importance to them, and they will do anything to reach a state of equilibrium (especially in home affairs) and compatibility.

Destiny Number 7

Those born with Destiny number 7 are interested in expanding their mind and connecting with their spirit.

  • Philosophical: Destiny number 7 people are highly philosophical, forever pondering life’s biggest questions. They’re the “thinkers” of the numbers.

  • Spiritual: These individuals are often in touch with the unseen, making them spiritual and intuitive by nature. They have a gift for balancing the logical, analytical mind with the intuitive senses.

  • Seeker: People born with this Destiny number like to dig deeply, questioning reality and the status quo. They’re always seeking to understand and to be understood. This often leads them to take on the role of the “wise sage.”

Destiny Number 8

Business acumen is a natural gift for individuals born with Destiny number 8, making them likely to be successful in their ventures.

  • Successful: Destiny number 8 individuals are often very successful in anything that they put their minds to. Their willpower and confidence are incomparable.

  • Abundant: Needless to say, with success comes wealth. Since those born with this number are concerned primarily with the material world, accumulating money is of great importance to them.

  • Business-minded: Of all of the Destiny numbers, this one is most likely to be business-minded. These people are often seen founding or managing a thriving business.

Destiny Number 9

Always looking at the big picture, the Destiny number 9 individual is interested in sharing their hard-earned knowledge and personal truths.

  • Teacher: Those born with the number 9 in their area of Destiny are likely to find themselves teaching in some capacity. This is due to their worldliness and impressive accumulation of knowledge.

  • Truth-seeker: Destiny number 9 individuals have a talent for sussing out the truth, making them great judges of character. It’s hard to get anything by these discerning people.

  • Cumulative: Being at the tail end of the numerological cycle means this digit is concerned with the big picture. These individuals have walked many paths and have learned many life lessons.

Destiny Number 11

Those born with a Destiny number 11 are old souls who understand how to tap into the unseen for answers.

  • Deep: Destiny number 11 individuals show great depth of character. They are often wise beyond their years and mature both intellectually and intuitively.

  • Inspirational: It’s hard to be around these people and not feel motivated and inspired. They have a knack for lighting a fire under those around them, gently but firmly pushing them to reach higher.

  • Revelatory: All things are revealed under this number—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thankfully, those born with 11 in their area of Destiny are strong enough to handle reality and sensitive enough to use unseen forces to improve their situations.

Destiny Number 22

Also known as the “Master Builder,” the Destiny number 22 individual is likely to put into motion projects that are considerably impactful.

  • Builder: 22 is considered to be the “Master Builder” of the digits, and rightfully so. Those born with this number dedicate their efforts to building long-lasting, long-reaching systems.

  • Creative: Due to the influence of the 11, the 2, and the 4 in this double-digit, creativity comes naturally to these individuals. They also understand the importance of collaboration and co-creation, knowing that everyone has an important role to play in the elevation of humanity.

  • Faithful: Ever faithful, number 22 people trust in the arcane and unseen forces that play a part in our individual and collective destinies. They often use their divine sense of intuition to guide them forward with their sizeable projects and undertakings.

Destiny Number 33

Destiny number 33 individuals are known as the “Master Teachers” due to their ability to care for their fellow man and shoulder a considerable amount of responsibility.

  • Caring: Destiny number 33 individuals are often caring and highly considerate of others. Those who need a listening, non-judgmental ear flock to them for support.

  • Nurturing: Ever the nurturer, these people embrace the strong trait of the 6 (as 3 + 3 = 6) and step in as caregiver whenever the need arises. They think nothing of shouldering responsibilities and lessening the burdens of others for the greater good.

  • Artistic: Due to the expressiveness of the 3, it’s no surprise that those born with this Destiny number are often incredibly artistic. Their unique essence is expertly rendered in whatever creative medium they choose to embrace.