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Personality Number: Calculator, Numerology and Meaning

Personality (Inner Dream) Number

Name numerology readings take into account your given name and the numerological significance behind each letter. Understanding the Personality number, in particular, helps us uncover the unique flavor of the soul.

What is your Personality Number?

While your Life Path number, derived from your date of birth, gives you an idea of your lifelong trajectory, the Personality number offers insight into your innate personality type and the way others perceive you at first glance.

The Personality number is significant in our understanding of the individual self and the impact we make on the world. It reflects and explains our motives, behaviors, and outward expressions.

In addition to the Personality number, we have the Destiny number (or Expression number), which offers a big-picture view of what we’re working with energetically, as well as the Soul Urge number (or Heart’s Desire number), which gives us insight into our inner truths and longings of the soul.

How to Calculate Your Personality Number

When numerologists calculate the Personality number, they state that we should add together the consonants found in the full birth name (the name displayed on the birth certificate). Then, we add the resulting digits together and reduce them down to a single-digit number (unless a master number is encountered —11, 22, or 33).


J, S


B, T, K (this letter also holds the value of 11)


C, L


D, M, V (this letter also holds the value of 22)


N, W


F, X


G, P


H, Q, Z


I, R

You may be wondering if the letter “Y” can be considered a consonant and, therefore, should be included in the Personality calculations. In general, this letter is considered to be a consonant if it is not preceded by another vowel.

It’s helpful to explore a famous name to illustrate the impact of the Personality number and how it manifests in real life. Let’s see how Oprah Winfrey’s name breaks down in a numerology chart: First name:

  • O

  • P = 7

  • R = 9

  • A

  • H = 8

So, for the first name, we get a sum of 24, which reduces to 6.

Middle name:

  • G = 7

  • A

  • I

  • L = 3

The middle name equals 10, which reduces to 1.

And the last name:

  • W = 5

  • I

  • N = 5

  • F = 6

  • R = 9

  • E

  • Y

The last name equals 25, which reduces to 7.

Adding each of these numerical values together, we get 14, which leads us to determine that Oprah Winfrey’s Personality number is 5.

Personality Number Meanings

After calculating the consonants in your full name and arriving at a specific digit or master number, you may find that you identify with the personality traits of that number on a personal level.

Personality Number 1

Those born with Personality number 1 are here to pave the way forward with focus and dedication.

  • Loyal: Loyalty is very important to individuals born under Personality number 1, and theirs is often unwavering. Due to this innate trait, they are considered to be highly reliable.

  • Trailblazer: These natural leaders are brave and assertive, thinking nothing of paving their own path through the brambles. They are excited by the unknown and often attract a following due to their courageous attitude.

  • Dignified: Those born with Personality number 1 hold themselves with a certain air of dignity, often appearing noble and distinguished to others.

Personality Number 2

Personality number 2 individuals are amiable peacemakers and often interested in working with others in an effort towards camaraderie.

  • Trustworthy: Putting trust in a Personality number 2 individual feels effortless. These people are here to collaborate.

  • Approachable: Since those born with Personality number 2 are innately understanding, people feel safe and welcome to interact with these individuals.

  • Helpful: Personality number 2 individuals are quick to assist their fellow man, knowing that two heads are often better than one. They understand that everyone brings something unique to the table.

Personality Number 3

The Personality number 3 individual shines like a star, inspiring those around them to tap into their own unique expression.

  • Charming: These people can easily be described as “magnetic.” They have an air about them that draws others into their wake.

  • Romantic: Roses, sunsets, and long walks on the beach are par for the course for the Personality number 3 individual. They are lavish and affectionate towards their romantic interests.

  • Prosperous: These happy-go-lucky people are often quite affluent and are privy to abundance in all areas of life.

Personality Number 4

Personality number 4 people often display great depth of character, especially when it comes to their careers.

  • Good judgment: It’s hard to fool those born with Personality number 4, as they possess a unique talent for seeing through a façade.

  • Strategist: These people often find that no problem is too large to solve, reaching for time-tested strategies to find the best solutions.

  • Hard-worker: Working hard comes naturally to the Personality number 4 individual, and they experience great fulfillment through their work.

Personality Number 5

Those born with Personality number 5 are often considered to be the life of the party due to their charisma, wit, and positive nature.

  • Optimistic: These individuals like to see the glass as half-full and, therefore, tend to inspire others to look on the bright side as well.

  • Magnetic: People gravitate toward Personality number 5 due to their effervescence and lust for life. These amiable individuals often forge connections very easily.

  • Witty: Humor comes easily to these individuals, and they are often known for their unique observations and entertaining anecdotes.

Personality Number 6

Personality number 6 individuals are known for their caring, giving nature, as they are often sensitive to the needs of others.

  • Empathic: These people feel deeply and often take on the emotional burdens of others as their own. They feel an inherent responsibility to support those close to them.

  • Faithful: Those born with Personality number 6 have an unlimited amount of faith in themselves and others, often trusting others and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

  • Protective: Personality number 6 individuals will stop at nothing to ensure that their family and close friends are safe and taken care of.

Personality Number 7

Those born with Personality number 7 are here to uncover personal truths, often going against social norms with the intention of finding the true self.

  • Seeker: These people are learners, scholars, and forever-students—always seeking the truth.

  • Self-sufficient: Since those born with Personality number 7 are often highly independent, they tend to find comfort and fulfillment in relying on the self.

  • Unique: These individuals embrace their unique essence, inspiring others to think for themselves and walk their own paths.

Personality Number 8

Personality number 8 individuals are powerhouses who know how to use their energy productively and effectively.

  • Inner strength: These people have a considerable amount of inner strength, willpower, and stamina.

  • Generous: While the Personality number 8 individual is often known for their ability to make money, they’re also renowned for their generous spirit.

  • Discerning: These individuals are highly discerning, which lends to their ability to make wise and informed business decisions.

Personality Number 9

Those born with Personality number 9 are here to implement the many lessons they’ve learned in an effort to inspire and uplift humanity.

  • Talented: Since these people often have an extensive amount of life experiences (including past lives), they possess many talents.

  • Giver: Humanitarians at heart, Personality number 9 individuals think nothing of lending their time, energy, and knowledge to others.

  • Inventive: Problem-solving comes naturally to those born with this number, and they often come up with unique solutions based on their own experiences.

Personality Number 11

Those born with Personality number 11 are known for their ability to balance their intuitive abilities with their practical nature.

  • Intuitive: These individuals are sensitive to energy, knowing how and when to tap into unseen forces for insight.

  • Gentle: Those born with this number are quite tactful, often considering the feelings of others before speaking or acting.

  • Sensible: Although these people have a strong alignment with the spiritual world, they often have a good, sensible head on their shoulders.

Personality Number 22

Since 22 is known as the “Master Builder,” those born with this Personality number are here to make solid and lasting changes.

  • Constructive: These people approach things in a practical way, making them highly valuable members of society.

  • Committed: Once a Personality number 22 person is in it, they’re “in it to win it.” They won’t stop until a job is done (and done well).

  • Trustworthy: People often put their trust in these individuals, knowing that those born with this Personality number are reliable to a fault.

Personality Number 33

Those born with Personality number 33 are caring beyond measure, striving to bring peace and balance into the world.

  • Compassionate: These people approach all situations with compassion and understanding, making an effort to consider both sides.

  • Harmonious: With this Personality number comes balance; those born with it generally like to keep the peace.

  • Wise: As the final number in the sequence, individuals who possess it in the Personality tend to be wise beyond their years.