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Soul Urge Number: Calculator and Numerology (Heart’s Desire)

Soul Urge (Heart’s Desire) Number

Although your birth date is important in the ancient art of numerology, offering a blueprint of what your likely trajectory is, your “name numerology,” which is derived from the given birth name, offers even deeper insight into your deepest desires, motivations, and personality.

What is a Soul Urge (Heart’s Desire) Number?

In a name numerology reading, numerologists take into consideration each letter of the name and assign a numerological digit (numerical value) to it. When we calculate the Soul Urge number (aka Heart’s Desire number), we focus on the vowels in the name. While the Life Path number, derived from your date of birth, gives you an idea of where you’re going and how to get there, a Soul Urge number offers insight into your deepest desires and can be seen as a constant, underlying, motivating force behind your life’s purpose.

If we consider that the Soul Urge is also referred to as the “Heart’s Desire,” we develop a better understanding of the importance this digit has in the numerology chart. The Soul Urge number urges you to move forward and take action on the things you’d like to manifest in this lifetime, reflecting your inner truth and motivations.

In addition to the Soul Urge number, we have the Destiny number (or Expression number), which is a culmination of every tool we’re working with, as well as the Personality number, which gives us a peek into our hidden dreams and how we may be perceived by others. When we consider these numbers independently, we can better understand our inner and outer workings and how we show up in the world.

How to Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

To calculate the Soul Urge number, you must add together each vowel found in the full birth name (the name on your birth certificate). To make things more precise, add the vowels in the first, middle (if any), and last names separately. Then, add the resulting digits together and reduce them down to one single-digit number (unless you encounter a master number11, 22, or 33).


















You may be wondering how and why the letter Y could be considered a vowel. Although this is a topic of debate in numerological circles, this letter is generally considered to be a vowel if preceded by another vowel or if there are no other vowels in the syllable.

Using a well-known name and personality to illustrate the mechanics of name numerology numbers, we turn to the famous performer Michael Jackson (whose middle name is Joseph). Here’s how his name can be broken down and calculated:

  • M

  • I = 9

  • C

  • H

  • A = 1

  • E = 5

  • L

So, for the first name number, we get a sum of 15, which reduces to 6.

Middle name:

  • J

  • O = 6

  • S

  • E = 5

  • P

  • H

For the middle name, we have 11, which we do not reduce further since it’s a master number.

And the last name:

  • J

  • A = 1

  • C

  • K

  • S

  • O = 6

  • N

Here we have 7.

Adding each of these three digits together, we get 24, which equals Soul Urge 6.

Soul Urge Number Meanings

After calculating the vowels in your full name and arriving at a specific digit or master number, you’re likely to find that you’ve opened yourself up to a whole new level of understanding when it comes to your inner workings. The Soul Urge number offers you insight into the inner longings of the self, which helps you relate to your present incarnation more intimately and compassionately.

Soul Urge Number 1

Soul Urge number 1 individuals are born to lead and to accomplish great things.

  • Large-scale: Those born with Soul Urge number 1 go big or go home. They like to take charge of big plans and huge undertakings.

  • Success: Success is the name of the game for these individuals. Perfectionists, they hold themselves and their goals to high standards and often have the strength and determination to reach them.

  • Solitude: As the saying goes, “One is the loneliest number.” However, this may be a common misunderstanding about the traits of this digit. Rather than being lonely, these people are simply self-sufficient and independent.

Soul Urge Number 2

Those born with Soul Urge number 2 are interested in association and mutual understanding.

  • Companionship: Soul Urge number 2 individuals value companionship. They’re motivated by this desire and spend a considerable amount of time and energy nurturing their relationships.

  • Sensitivity: These people can be sensitive to a fault, but they can use this perceived weakness to their advantage as it helps them tap into their intuition.

  • Affection: Since the Soul Urge 2 individual desires partnership, it’s not surprising that they specialize in lavish displays of affection. The object of this affection is often placed on a pedestal.

Soul Urge Number 3

Soul Urge number 3 individuals are happy-go-lucky and extremely expressive.

  • Friendship: The Soul Urge number 3 individual has an inner desire to be social and is often seen as the life of the party.

  • Beauty-seeking: These people see beauty in all things, and they can be found tapping into their artistic gifts to create more of it.

  • Playful: While this side may not come out to play very often, people born with this Soul Urge number generally enjoy silly antics and appreciate the lighthearted side of life.

Soul Urge Number 4

Regularity, hard work, and order are the name of the game for individuals born with Soul Urge number 4.

  • Tradition: Soul Urge number 4 individuals place importance on traditional values. They’re often seen following the straight and narrow, time-tested path.

  • Dependability: These people may find that others flock to them in times of need, as they’re dependable to a fault—often taking on the role of the “rock” of the family, friend group, or community.

  • Organization: Those born with the 4 Soul Urge are rarely frazzled or out of sorts. They’re grounded, methodological, and highly organized.

Soul Urge Number 5

For the Soul Urge number 5 person, change is a constant and necessary aspect of life.

  • Flexibility: Soul Urge number 5 individuals go with the flow, always flowing with the tide.

  • Intelligence: Because people who are born under this Soul Urge number are curious by nature, they value intelligence and are always looking to increase their knowledge and understanding.

  • Adaptability: These individuals are known for their adaptability, often appearing chameleon-like in an effort to blend in with surroundings and situations.

Soul Urge Number 6

Those born with Soul Urge number 6 are primarily concerned with matters of the home and are highly responsible.

  • Homebody: The Soul Urge number 6 individual is often seen enjoying the homebody life, as they treasure hearth and home above all else.

  • Peacemaking: These people possess an inherent ability to bring balance and justice to disagreements and difficult situations. People go to them for their impartial, fair advice.

  • Listener: Those born under this Soul Urge number are great listeners. This is due to their compassionate, understanding nature.

Soul Urge Number 7

The reserved Soul Urge number 7 individual seeks solitude and is often considered to be highly introspective.

  • Intellect: The Soul Urge number 7 individual values intellect and is often seen poring over books and engaging in philosophical discussions.

  • Conservational: These people protect their values above all else and are often considered to be conservative in nature.

  • Quiet: Since those born under this Soul Urge number have a lot going on in their heads. They can come across as quite introverted and quiet. Once they feel comfortable in the presence of another, however, they enjoy sharing their many thoughts.

Soul Urge Number 8

The confident Soul Urge number 8 individual often makes their mark through business or entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Power: Soul Urge number 8 individuals have a very powerful presence. They desire success and influence above all else.

  • Confidence: These people often exude confidence, which makes them highly successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

  • Courage: Those born under this Soul Urge number take life by the horns, never faltering when the going gets tough.

Soul Urge Number 9

Soul Urge number 9 individuals are natural-born teachers who think nothing of lending a hand to their fellow man.

  • Self-sacrificing: Soul Urge number 9 individuals think nothing of giving their every effort to help others in need. These desires lead them to involve themselves in humanitarian efforts.

  • Experience: These people are world travelers or, at the very least, interested in learning about different cultures and ways of life.

  • Idealism: Idealistic by nature, those born under this Soul Urge number are true visionaries.

Soul Urge Number 11

Soul Urge number 11 people are revelatory and highly influential.

  • Selectivity: Soul Urge number 11 individuals are selective regarding who or what they spend their energy on, and rightly so—they can find themselves easily depleted if they don’t respect their energy.

  • Inspiration: Not only are these people inspired by everything around them, they are often a great source of inspiration themselves.

  • Broad outlook: With this Soul Urge number comes the ability to be open-minded and accepting of various belief systems and ways of life.

Soul Urge Number 22

Those born under Soul Urge number 22 are here to create real and lasting change for future generations.

  • Humanitarianism: Since Soul Urge number 22 individuals often work well with others, they dedicate their time to making true change for mankind.

  • Drive: These people are driven beyond measure. They have an inherent desire to build something of value—to leave a lasting legacy.

  • Influence: Due to their inimitable work ethic and charisma, those born under this particular Soul Urge number are often highly influential.

Soul Urge Number 33

Taking care of others and exercising compassion are often the true desires of those born with Soul Urge 33.

  • Benevolence: Due to their desire to do good, Soul Urge number 33 individuals are often seen helping their fellow man.

  • Imagination: These people are highly imaginative and have a knack for manifesting the true desires in the hearts of their loved ones.

  • Social acumen: Those born under this Soul Urge number are sociable, amiable, and compassionate beyond measure, making them ideal friends and partners.