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Chiron in Astrology: Calculate and Find Your Sign (+ its Meaning)

Chiron is a minor planet known in Greek mythology as the wounded healer, and symbolizes issues related to our fears, emotional or physical wounds, and healing. In an astrology horoscope, it represents both an area of life where we have experienced pain as well as our efforts to heal and grow.

In the birth chart, natal Chiron’s placement and house can point to areas of life where we may have experienced the deepest wounds, sometimes due to being rejected or shamed. The Chiron sign on your natal chart can also show where there is room to grow wise and compassionate over time.

Key Concepts

Astronomical Features

  • Chiron spends about 4 years in each zodiac sign.

  • Chiron cycles through the entire zodiac every 50 years.

  • Chiron retrogrades once a year for about 6 months.

Chiron Symbolism and Meaning

Chiron, a minor planet of the solar system with an irregular orbit, was discovered in 1977 by Charles T. Kowal. Chiron’s discovery was synchronous with natural and alternative healing methods becoming more mainstream and widespread.

In astrology, Chiron symbolizes our own inner wounds, how we work to accept or heal our pain, and the ways in which we can also help others. Chiron’s placement and transit can show us how to transform our pain into power.

Chiron in Balance

Chiron in balance may manifest as the ability to hold our experiences of being wounded, or our feelings of vulnerability and insecurity, with care, tenderness, and self-compassion.

By cultivating self-compassion, we can work to accept and heal our pain and may seek out a variety of modalities on a journey toward wholeness. This allows us to have greater empathy for those who share our struggles, while cultivating better compatibility and partnerships.

Chiron out of Balance

Chiron out of balance may manifest as an unwillingness to acknowledge the reality of painful experiences and the ways they have impacted us. Instead of facing one’s painful feelings, one may repress them or cover them up with distractions.

It may also manifest as the tendency to regard vulnerability (in oneself or others) as a weakness rather than a source of potential strength and an intolerance for others’ pain or an inability to empathize with others.

Chiron in Mythology

Chiron was named after the mythological Greek centaur who was severely injured by one of Hercules’ poison arrows. Despite his best efforts, he was not able to heal this injury. In his quest for health, he discovered many natural therapeutic remedies and modalities, which motivated him to become a teacher, herbalist, and natural healer. Minor planet Chiron, in turn, corresponds with the archetype of a healer.

Psychological Aspects of Chiron

Chiron represents the psychological impetus toward healing and wholeness and the awareness of the inevitability of painful experiences in life. Chiron reminds us of the importance of self-acceptance as one of our healing powers, and that we do not need to reach a state of perfect healing in order to find peace, growth, self-worth, and compassion for self and others.

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