The Page of Wands represents the essence of youthful fire energy, which relates to our creativity, ambition, passions, and desire for action. The Page represents the initiatory phase of a new endeavor, project, relationship, or life chapter.

He is a free spirit filled with aspirations of greatness and the desire for growth, exploration, and new adventures. It only makes sense, of course, that the Page of Wands is associated with the element of Fire and the astrological zodiac sign Sagittarius — as well as the growth and opportunities brought by ruling planet Jupiter.

Page of Wands Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

new beginnings, desire for growth, ambition, enthusiasm, adventure

comparison, impatience with progress, indecision, stalled beginning

Description of the Page of Wands Tarot Card

The Page of Wands is the first Court Card in the suit of Wands and, as such, represents the beginning phase of a new endeavor. The Pages of the Minor Arcana cards speak to new beginnings, child-like enthusiasm, the desire for growth through learning and exploration, and adopting a beginner’s mindset. The Page represents the incubation stage that precedes the action that follows in the following card, the Knight of Wands. Pages also represent receiving news, messages, and new information.

In the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, a youthful Page looks upward in admiration at a tall wand, symbolizing the dreams he has for the future and his desire to expand his world. The young man hopes to one day be able to wield this wand with confidence, both literally and figuratively. He’s pictured in a desert landscape, symbolic of his element (fire, which is dry and hot) and also of his plans, which have yet to bear fruit.

The salamanders that adorn his tunic are symbolic of the transformative power of fire and are a visual echo of the salamanders on the Knight of Wands’ tunic. Like The Fool (Major Arcana card #0), he wears a red feather in his cap, announcing his energy, enthusiasm, and his passionate desire to pursue his dreams.

Page of Wands Upright Meaning

In the upright position, the meaning of the Page of Wands comes down to a new beginning or chapter of life. Whether you are starting a new project, relationship, or educational journey, the Page speaks to the energy and enthusiasm that drives you to take on a new venture. The Page reminds us that we can start something new at any age when we tap into our youthful ability to look toward the future with hopeful expectation and optimism.

The Page of Wands is an encouragement to open yourself up to new vistas and desires and make a plan of action toward pursuing these dreams. It speaks of the courage to begin again, to begin anew, and to take risks. It represents the part of us that is not afraid to imagine new possibilities, expand our capacity to learn and grow, and be an eternal student of life.

The Page of Wands upright is a symbol of childlike joy and embodies an openness to life. It is a potent reminder to tap into what brings you simple joy and to have the courage to follow this toward something new, inspiring, and expansive.

Love and Relationships (Upright Meaning)

In the upright position of a tarot card reading, the Page of Wands symbolizes a new beginning within a relationship, a new connection, or news concerning a romantic interest. It represents qualities such as openness, loyalty, youthfulness, and excitement. It heralds a positive and exciting new beginning in your love life and is an encouragement to pursue your heart’s desire.

Within the context of an existing relationship, the Page of Wands can symbolize that you are entering a new chapter together, which is marked by a desire for adventure and expanding your horizons. You may be moving to a new location, going on vacation, or learning something new together. It suggests a need for lighthearted fun, time spent enjoying simple pleasures together, and making plans for the future.

Love/relationships upright keywords

Career/finance upright keywords

new romantic connection, openness, widening horizons, simple pleasures

new project, going back to school, learning a new skill, reaching out to mentors

Career and Finance (Upright Meaning)

The upright Page of Wands indicates that you are at the beginning of a new chapter in your work because you are either taking on a new project, new job, or new venture, or you are learning something new. Perhaps you are going back to school, getting extra training, or learning a new skill altogether. This card is an encouragement to follow what piques your curiosity and passion.

Because the Page of Wands is at the beginning stages of a new journey, it’s important to have a clear vision of what you’re aspiring to. If there are mentors or elders in your field that you can reach out to for advice, you may benefit from learning from the wisdom of those who have come before you.

Page of Wands Reversed Meaning

The reversed Page of Wands can indicate that you’re in the process of developing your talents and creativity but are feeling impatient with your progress. You may be trying to fast forward through a necessary learning process or a period of creative ideation. If you can cultivate patience with the process and be present for the lessons you’re currently learning, you will naturally make progress toward your goals.

The Page of Wands reversed can signify that you have access to vast creative and imaginative reserves within, but you have encountered some confusion about which path to take forward. You may be questioning your direction, which is causing you to lose confidence in yourself. This card is a reminder to reconnect to what inspires you to grow and learn and to use this energy to move forward with confidence.

The Page of Wands can also appear reversed when you’re comparing yourself to the accomplishments or perceived success of others. This card is a reminder to stay focused on your own spiritual path because it is unique to you and where you are headed. If you can look to others for inspiration and motivation rather than comparison, you will be able to use their achievements to fuel your passion rather than extinguish it.

Love and Relationships (Reversed Meaning)

In the reverse position of a love reading, the youthful quality of the Page of Wands is emphasized, which can symbolize immature behavior or childish reactions. It suggests that emotional maturity is not fully developed and may be causing conflict within a relationship. It may also speak to impulsivity, outbursts, or being quick to anger.

The reversed Page of Wands can also symbolize the need to slow down and not rush into a new relationship. If you want to dive headfirst into a new commitment, this card suggests that taking a slow approach will ensure you truly get to know your romantic interest before deciding to commit to each other.

Love/relationships reversed keywords

Career/finance reversed keywords

immature behavior, childish reactions, impulsivity, taking a slow approach to a new relationship

self-doubt, developing new skills, comparison, overly focused on future outcomes

Career and Finance (Reversed Meaning)

The Page of Wands reversed can appear when you doubt your ability to bring your dreams to life. You may be full of creative ideas for new projects and ventures but are unsure of how to take practical action to make them real. You may need to spend some more time drawing up a plan, learning a new skill, or developing your idea before taking action.

The Page of Wands reversed can also indicate that you are getting off course by comparing yourself to others or focusing too much on future possibilities and potential outcomes. It is a gentle reminder to come back to the present moment and try to focus on what is currently within your control. Each stage of your journey offers important lessons that will lead you to the next phase of development.

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